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Educational Software

Digitron Software provides all-inclusive management software for managing every aspect of school life, from events to exams. For the online reporting of daily class activities, we also provide a shared interactive platform that brings together parents, students, and teachers. Your needs and criteria are properly met by our solution.

The ease of access to documents and the ability to administer the entire school system are advantages of the school management software. The administration of the Admissions process is one of the most important components of a great school management system. Improvement of the homework, a timetable, support for both Hindi and English Transportation services, fee administration, library administration, and test data storage.

Characteristics of our school management software are –

Information on the students - We maintain track of each student's data, including attendance, homework, behavior, and score, which can be easily accessible by the instructors or school management committee as needed. These are provided in addition to the core database, which includes name, contact information, address, parental information, medical history, and many other things.

Parents portal: designed to assist parents in assessing their children's educational activities, notify them of meetings and annual reports, and connect them with teachers.

Assignments and assessments - teachers can easily design a variety of exam papers to prevent cheating.

The authorities can quickly produce report cards—the yearly report of the school year—using our interactive database. Report cards can be made readily available to parents and children using our school management system software, which will help them get better scores.

Our system can manage student receipts and online fee payments in addition to fee tracking. Utilizing the program to create receipts and fee booklets is highly practical.

A team of highly skilled, qualified, experienced, and focused individuals works with Digitron Software. For educational institutions, we offer safe and welcoming solutions. Digitron Software serves as the leading school management system software development firm for the hassle-free management of your school or educational institution. We understand your strain, which is why we deliver our solutions to minimize your efforts.